MM5824N 6-stage Divider Chip

Due to requests by several people, we are now also producing the MM5824N chip, used a lot in Hammonds. For use in the Korg PS3x00 series or PE2000, please see below.

MM5824N is now available in four set-price packages of 1, 3, 6 and 12 chips. Note these are not suitable for Korg PS3x00 or PE2000. See below.

Please select the quantity you require.

If you need more than 12, please contact us for prices.

Select Quantity

MM5824N for Korg PS3300, PS3200, PS3100 and PE2000. We are sorry that these are currently out of stock. New stock will be available in July.

These are a different design to our standard MM5824N replacement. These also work in the same keyboards as our standard replacement chip.

Price includes standard shipping worldwide.

Price includes VAT at the prevailing rate where applicable. All import duties and taxes are the customer's responsibility.


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