MM5824N 6-stage Divider Chip

Due to requests by several people, we are now also producing the MM5824N chip, used a lot in Hammonds. This device is now fully compatible with the Korg PS3x00 series and PE2000.

Devices are now fitted with turned pins, which means that they can be plugged directly into sockets and, in the case of the Korg PS3x00 series (and anything else, come to that!), be soldered in without having to increase the size of the holes in the PCB.

MM5824N is now available in six set-price packages of 2, 4, 6, 12, 24 and 36 chips. Note these are now also suitable for Korg PS3x00 and PE2000.

Please select the quantity you require.

If you need more than 36, please contact us for prices.

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