S10430 Divider Keyer

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Blimey! This has been a long long time coming, but, as of autumn 2020, we're finally on the home strait, to bring to life a REAL S10430 replacement.

It's been a tricky one to create, because the original device does something really neat, and with modern parts it's very hard to replicate. We made one note about 6 years ago that was compatible, but the complexity for one note was so great we could never have built it into a useful part.

Then about 3 years ago we had the idea of making one that was close, but not matched to the original, so that at least you could get the instrument going by changing all the devices. Even that was too complicated to manufacture, so we put the project box back on the shelf!

And then, not very long ago, we discovered a new part had appeared, which, with a little magic and trickery, allows us to

  • precisely copy the original
  • fit in the footprint of the original
  • reduce the number of component parts to make it affordable (not as affordable as we'd like, but we think it's a good fit, given the complexity of the unit)
  • create a part that, should anything occur, can be fixed

The downsides....It's going to be quite a bit taller than the original; it requires FOUR four-layer pcbs, stacked on top of each other, using very tiny components (0204) that have to be very close together. So it will need strapping in with tie-wraps (we have a guide here for this operation). It will draw a little more standing current than the original, but not enough for it to be a problem.

For those interested, the above picture shows our 'comparison jig', where we can test the new at the same time as the old. It's great to be able to use our own TOG on the prototyping of a new divider! For anyone who's wondering, we also made the prototyping parts ourselves, in the style of Mini Mount, which is no longer available. We call it 'FlatMount'.

There's still quite a bit of work to be done, but we're hoping for a spring launch, and we'll update this page accordingly with pricing and shipping information. As part of this project, we're also making the front-end of a Korg Lambda...

*in loving memory of the ELKA donor organ, RIP, photo below!


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