Offset Adaptor for devices with offset pins

Some devices were made with offset pins; the SAJ410 was one of them. The idea was to make it easier to track the PCB, however it didn't last long.

We have made an adaptor so that our replacement divider devices can be easily added to your keyboard. We have made the adaptor suitable for any device with offset legs.

Please note that, as no sockets were ever made for the devices, anyone using our devices will need to be competent in soldering.

Offset adaptor prices

The adaptor is available with or without a socket. Note that, to reduce height for shipping, the socket is NOT soldered to the adaptor.

Please select the quantity you require.

If you need more than 12, please contact us for prices.

Offset Adaptor without socket - from £21
Select Quantity
Offset Adaptor with unsoldered socket - from £23.40
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Price includes tracked & signed shipping worldwide.

All import duties and taxes are the customer's responsibility.


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